COVID-19: Labour Markets & Social Assistance
COVID-19: Labour Markets & Social Assistance
DPRU research providing empirical evidence on key socioeconomic outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic & national lockdown in South Africa: w.r.t. the labour market, workplace transmission risk, and social assistance:
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Out of Office
In response to the continuing spread of COVID-19, the DPRU office will remain closed until further notice. All staff are working remotely, so please communicate with us via email.
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The Impact of the National Minimum Wage in SA: Early Quantitative Evidence
This research for the National Minimum Wage Commission provides a basic quantitative assessment of the recent introduction of a NMW with a specific focus on the short-term labour market impacts.
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Labour Market Intelligence research programme
LMI aims to establish a credible institutional mechanism for skills planning in South Africa, and integrate skills planning within government strategies and plans in order to produce a capable workforce to achieve an inclusive growth path.
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About the DPRU
The DPRU is a university-recognised research unit within the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town. We conduct policy-relevant socio-economic research in the fields of labour markets, poverty and inequality.


Welcome to the Development Policy Research Unit

The Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) is one of Africa's premier economic policy think tanks. The DPRU aims to inform economic and social policymaking by specialising in academically rigorous research into various socio-economic challenges in South Africa and Africa in general; their causes in areas such as education, regulation and governance; and the consequences of these challenges for poverty and inequality at the country- and regional level. 

The DPRU is a university-recognized research unit located within the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, and has been actively engaged in policy-relevant socio-economic research for nearly 30 years, establishing itself as one of South Africa’s premier research institutions in the field.

Through the application of economic and statistical techniques, our aim is to produce academically credible and rigorous policy analysis.The three core objectives of the Unit are to:

  • foster high quality, policy relevant research within the DPRU
  • train a new generation of research economists within the Unit, and
  • disseminate knowledge to decision- and policy-makers in government, the private sector and civil society.