Benjamin Stanwix

Senior Researcher

Expertise: Applied Economics, Labour Economics, Economic & Social History‚Äč

Ben obtained a Masters degree in Applied Economics from the University of Cape Town. He also holds a Masters degree in Economic and Social History from the University of Oxford. His research interests include: Labour Economics, Economic & Social History. He has spent time working in India with the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) and joined the DPRU in October 2012 as a researcher. He is also a tutor in Economic History. 

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Latest Research & published papers:

  1. Minimum Wages in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Primer. 2015 IZA Discussion Papers, No. 9204.
  2. Non-income welfare and inclusive growth in South Africa', Brookings Working Paper, Number 36 of 39, March 2015.
  3. Minimum Wage Enforcement and the Informal Economy, Department of Labour research paper, 2015.
  4. Resources and Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2014.
  5. The Predicted Impacts of Expanding the Community Works Program (CWP) in South Africa. 
  6. Costs, Benefits and Compliance: The Case of the Agricultural Minimum Wage in South Africa. 
  7. Estimating the Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment, Wages and Non-wage Benefits: The Case of Agriculture in South Africa.