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Employment Promotion Programme

About the Employment Promotion Programme (EPP)

In 2005, the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) was awarded a two year grant from the UK Government (UK Department for International Development, DFID) to implement its South African initiative, the Employment Promotion Programme (EPP). The EPP is aimed at providing an enabling policy environment in South Africa for the expansion in aggregate employment. Its specific purpose is to remove systemic constraints to employment growth in order to achieve a reduction of the percentage of people unemployed in South Africa in line with the target set by the South African Government. Following the successful implementation of the first and second phases of the programme, the grant was extended by a further three years in April 2010.

The key change between Phases I and II of the EPP was a shift from research and policy development to policy implementation. Global and local developments during 2008/2009 have, however, fundamentally altered the context in which the third phase of the EPP operates. The thematic areas of focus have been revised to take account of the impact of the global economic downturn and a new focus on the nature of economic policy interventions emerging from the shift in the political environment. Specifically, the five focus areas of the third phase of the EPP are the following:

  1. Measures to reduce priority skills gaps are identified and implemented.
  2. Micro and macro regulations and processes to be more conducive to employment creation.
  3. Reviewing and formulating strategies addressing precarious work conditions and contributing to decent work opportunities.
  4. To review and reflect on the quality of growth and employment generating strategies.
  5. Strengthening capacity and institutions for social dialogue and partnerships for employment creation.

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