Jabulile Monnakgotla

Junior Researcher 

Expertise:  Macroeconomics, Finance, International Trade, Development and Growth

Jabulile holds a Masters in Economic Science from the University of the Witwatersrand.  Previously she worked as a research intern at the Financial and Fiscal Commission in the Budget Analysis Local Government unit. Jabulile’s research interests are in the areas of Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, International Trade, Labour Markets, Development and Growth. 

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Latest research projects and working papers: 


1. Monnakgotla, J. and Oosthuizen, M.2021. Job Quality in South Africa: A Proposed Index for Ongoing Monitoring of Job Quality. Development Policy Research Unit Working Paper 202103. DPRU, University of Cape Town.

2. Allen, C., Asmal, Z., Bhorat, H., Hill, R., Oosthuizen, M., Monnakgotla, J. and Rooney, C. 2021. Employment creation potential, labor skills requirements, and skill gaps for young people: A South African case study, Brookings.  

3. Asmal, Z., Bhorat, H., Culligan, S., Hofmeyr, H., Monnakgotla, J., Oosthuizen, M. and Rooney, C. 2020. Skills Supply and Demand in South Africa 2020. The Labour Market Intelligence Research Programme. 

4. Bhorat, H., Lilenstein, A., Monnakgotla, J., Thornton, A. and van der Zee, K. 2017. The Socio-Economic Determinants of Crime in South Africa: an Empirical Assessment. Development Policy Research Unit, Working Paper 201704, University of Cape Town.

5. Ncube, M., and Monnakgotla, J. 2016. The Funding Model for Rural Local Municipalities and Rural Development. The Financial and Fiscal Commission, Chapter 11 Annual Submission for the Division of Revenue Bill 2017/18.