Labour Market Intelligence Partnership Project

Labour Market Intelligence Partnership Project

The Labour Market Intelligence Partnership (LMIP), was formally launched in September 2012 by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, and focuses on creating a credible labour market intelligence framework to ensure better information gathering, analysis and overall systems synergy. The DPRU is a key research partner, and has partnered with, amongst others, the Human Sciences Research Council and the University of the Witwatersrand, in a consortium reporting to and funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The DPRU was involved in the sector studies included in Theme 3: such as skills biased labour demand, the New Growth Path, SETA Labour Markets, the Informal Sector and Human Capital Accumulation and Pro-poor Growth.

Funder: Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Project Outputs:
- Report #1: Occupational Shifts and Shortages: Skills Challenges Facing the South African Economy

- Policy Brief #3: Occupational Shifts and Skills Challenges Facing the South African Economy

- Policy Roundtable #1: Skills, Technology and Capital Intensity: Employment & Wage Shifts in post-apartheid South Africa

- Report #3: Growth, Employment and Skills: The New Growth Path Revisited

- Report #5: Higher Education, Employment, and Economic Growth: Exploring the Interactions

- Working paper #10: Studies of selected priority sectors in the South African labour market: a proposed research programme

- Report #24: The Returns to Training and the Determinants of Training Expenditure: The case of manufacturing firms in South Africa

- Report #25: SETA Labour market survey: Case studies of firms' experiences

- Report #26: The Role of Skills and Education in Predicting Micro-enterprise Performance

- Report #28: Temporary employment services in South Africa: Assessing the industry’s economic contribution

- Report #23: The Role of Post-school Education and Training Institutions in Predicting Labour Market Outcomes (FORTHCOMING)

- Report: Skills supply and demand in South Africa, Sept 2016

- Policy Brief: The Role Of Skills And Education In Predicting Micro-Enterprise Performance. (FORTHCOMING).

- Presentation: The sectoral nature of our economic growth trajectory: Three observations

- Presentation: Higher education, employment and economic growth: Exploring the interactions

- Presentation: SETA Labour Market Pilot Survey: Results and Key Learnings, Policy Roundtable 7, 5 August 2015.

Further papers to be published in 2017.