Morné Oosthuizen

Deputy Director, DPRU

Morné Oosthuizen is Deputy Director of the DPRU. His research interests include the generational economy (National Transfer Accounts), poverty, inequality, and labour markets. He has worked on issues of intergenerational transfers and the demographic dividend in several countries in Southern Africa and helped coordinate the multi-country research project, Counting Women’s Work, which aims to value time spent in unpaid services and incorporate it into estimates of production and consumption over the lifecourse. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Cape Town, focussing on intergenerational resource flows, demographic dividends, and unpaid care across the lifecycle in South Africa using the National Transfer Accounts methodology.

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Latest Research: 

Journal Articles

  1. Oosthuizen, M., (2015). Bonus or Mirage? South Africa’s Demographic Dividend. Journal of the Economics of Ageing 5:14-22. April. DOI: 10.1016/j.jeoa.2014.08.007.
  2. Lee, R., Mason, A., and Members of the NTA Network (including Oosthuizen, M.) (2014). Is low fertility really a problem? Population ageing, dependency and consumption. Science 346(6206):229–234. DOI: 10.1126/science.1250542. 10 October 2014.
  3. Oosthuizen, M., 2012. Low Pay in South Africa. International Labour Review 151(3): 173–192. September.

Book Chapters

  1. Bhorat, H., Naidoo, K., Oosthuizen, M. and Pillay, K., 2016. Demographic, employment, and
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    Institution Press.
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Working Papers and Other Papers

  1. Oosthuizen, M., 2019. Inequality and the generational economy: Race-disaggregated National Transfer Accounts for South Africa, 2015. WIDER Working Paper 2019/24. UNU-WUDER.
  2. Oosthuizen, M., 2018. Counting Women’s Work in South Africa: Incorporating Unpaid Work into Estimates of the Economic Lifecycle in 2010. CWW Working Paper WP8. September. Counting Women’s Work Project.
  3. Oosthuizen, M. and Lilenstein, K., 2018. Counting Women’s Work in Mauritius: Household Production across the Lifecycle in 2003. CWW Working Paper WP7. October. Counting Women’s Work Project.
  4. Oosthuizen, M., 2018. Counting Women’s Work in South Africa: Estimates of Household Production across the Lifecycle in 2000. CWW Working Paper WP6. September. Counting Women’s Work Project.