Labour Markets in SubSaharan Africa: Cape Town Workshop 2015

30 Nov 2015 - 12:30

Labour Markets in SubSaharan Africa

2015 NJD SSA Regional Event/Workshop

WHEN: 26 & 27 November 2015
WHERE: Cape Town, South Africa

Nancy Benjamin_NJD Workshop

The DPRU hosted the event as a regional partner of the World Bank’s Network on Jobs and Development (NJD) programme.  The objective of the NJD is to contribute to the creation of multi-sector, multi-disciplinary solutions to the jobs challenges around the world, based on regionally-led research and empirical evidence. The specific themes being explored by the NJD partnership in 2015 include Urbanisation, Informality, and Labour Regulation. Accordingly, the workshop focused on these three interrelated topics, but in the particular context of labour markets in SubSaharan Africa (SSA).

Topics included: demographic shifts taking place in SSA and how these impact on labour markets; the informal economy and how it links to urbanisation in the region; different forms of labour regulation in SSA and how these influence informality and firm behaviour; and finally, a set of country-level case studies that examine current trends and emerging growth and employment challenges in SSA labour markets.

Keynote Speakers included: Shanta Devarajan (Chief Economist – Middle East and North Africa, World Bank) and Kathleen Beegle (Lead Economist, Africa Region, World Bank).

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The presentations were as follows:

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