Robert Hill

Junior Researcher

Expertise: Labour economics, education and behavioural economics, all with a focus on econometric application​

Robert is a Junior Researcher in the DPRU, having taken up this position in June 2018. He graduated with a B.Sc in Mathematics and Economics (with distinction in both majors, and the degree with distinction) in 2015, as well as his Honours in Economics (in the first class) in 2016. He is currently working on completing his Masters in Applied Economics under the supervision of Professor Haroon Bhorat. Robert has tutored and head tutored extensively for the School of Economics since 2014, with his involvement ranging from intermediate undergraduate microeconomics through to Masters-level econometrics. He has also lectured and convened a number of courses, including undergraduate microeconomics, third-year econometrics and Honours mathematics courses for the Department. 

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