WP 00/038 - The impact of the Maputo Development Corridor on freight flows: an initial investigation

Amanda Driver and Joao Gabriel de Barros

Date of Publication: 
March 2000

This paper provides an analysis of the effect of the Maputo Development Corridor (MDC) on freight flows between Mozambique and South Africa. By analysing the transport infrastructure of the MDC, this paper seeks to provide insight into the relationship between investment in infrastructure and economic growth. This paper shows that the MDC is likely to reduce freight transport costs along the route, in spite of new road tolls. The MDC has strengthened old infrastructure relationships as indicated by a rapid response from bulk exports along the corridor route from Mpumalanga. However, it has yet to create significant new infrastructure relationships, such as container imports to South Africa via the corridor route. This paper also shows that factors outside of the MDC will influence the impact of the corridor, such as the price of tolls on the N3 to Durban.

Download Working Paper: DPRU WP 00/038