WP 06/112 - The Impacts of Sector-Specific Policies and Regulations on the Growth of SMEs in Eight Sectors of the South African Economy

Strategic Business Partnerships for Growth in Africa (SBP)

Date of Publication: 
July 2006

The paper aims to identify the impacts of sector-specific policies and regulations on the growth of – and job creation by – SMEs in eight sectors of the South African economy. Where appropriate and, where possible, impacts are quantified. The aim is also to develop suggestions for policy changes and regulatory reforms which would reduce the regulatory cost burden on these SMEs and permit them to grow and take on workers more readily. The paper contains descriptions of sector-specific policies and regulations in the eight selected sectors, qualitative assessment of the impacts of sector-specific policies and regulations on SMEs in the the selected sectors, quantitative assessment of these impacts and suggestions are made for policy changes and reforms to the sector-specific regulatory environments of the selected sectors. The eight sectors are agri-processing, the automotive industry, clothing and textiles, financial services, information and communications technology (ICT), mining, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

Download Working Paper: DPRU WP 06/112