ADB SEMINAR: The Role of Institutions in Underpinning Inclusive Economic Growth in South Africa

4 Nov 2015 - 12:15

What is the role of the state in economic development? And what are the dynamics of fostering institutions for structural transformation and inclusive growth? The DPRU hosted a seminar in October, on "The Role of Institutions in Underpinning Inclusive Economic Growth in South Africa", where 7 experts presented their findings on the role of institutions in underpinning inclusive growth in South Africa, drawing lessons, where possible, from the development experience of South Korea.

This event forms part of a broader project commissioned by the African Development Bank. The DPRU co-ordinated a multi-paper study under the project banner ‘Country Development Policy in PracticeLessons from the South Korea Development Experience’. The 7 different papers explored the interplay of institutions & economic development in South Africa.  South Korea’s experience with economic transformation and a developmental state provided an important benchmark for the authors to stimulate policy debate on development policy in practice

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To read the seminar summary report, click here

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PDFs of the seminar slide presentations are accessible by clicking on the images below:

1. Macroeconomic policy in South Africa since 1994

By Kenneth Creamer

2. The Political Economy of Natural Resources: A Comparison of South Africa and South Korea

By Ross Harvey

3. The Developmental State – Lessons from South Korea’s Development Experience

By William Gumede

Presented without slides

4. Institutions and Development South Africa: Lessons from South Korean Experience

By Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen

5. FROM SERVICE DELIVERY TO PUBLIC SERVICE: The Role of the South African State in Providing Public Services

By Steven Friedman

Presented without slides

6. Korea’s ‘Developmental State’ and its Political and Institutional Underpinnings

By Brian Levy

7. Institutionalising Inclusive Growth in South Africa

By Antony Altbeker

For more photographs from the event, click here.

*Credit for event photographs: Blake Woodhams