South Africa’s Welfare Success Story I: A Rapid Asset Delivery Program

27 Jan 2014 - 13:45
Brookings Blog Africa In Focus 24 Jan 2014
Brookings AGI DPRU blog 24 Jan 2014

The first of two blogs discussing South Africa's welfare delivery and its possible successes, authored by DPRU Director, Prof Haroon Bhorat and DPRU Researcher, Aalia Cassim, was published by the Brookings Institution's Africa Growth Initiative last Friday, on their Africa in Focus blog.

In this blog post Prof Bhorat and Ms Cassim discuss the impact of welfare in South Africa, in terms of the delivery of assets and services to the poor. By considering SA's household data around its targeted post-asset delivery program, an interesting story of improved welfare emerges. They find that while there are many households that still do not have access to basic services and still others that are not satisfied with the quality of service they do receive, they are far fewer now than they were 20 years ago when the country became a democracy.  For the large majority of South Africans, the standard of living by the indicators discussed has markedly improved. 

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The second article, South Africa’s Welfare Success Story II: Poverty-Reducing Social Grants is due to be published shortly.