Striking at the Heart of the Matter…

3 Apr 2014 - 09:15
Brookings Blog Africa In Focus 2 Apr 2014

A new blog by DPRU Director Haroon Bhorat and ex-DPRU Researcher David Tseng, has just been published via the Brookings Institution's Africa Growth Initiative, on Africa in Focus.

The media consistently portrays South Africa’s economy as one “hobbled” by strikes. And there is a common perception that South Africa’s long-term labor movement is one of the most excessive and strike-prone in the world. But, by using actual data and some simple comparative statistics, Bhorat and Tseng challenge this common perception and find that the incidence, intensity and time costs of strikes as measured in number of working days lost in South Africa, might just be drastically overstated.  

To read the full blog, visit:

To read the full blog, visit: