ELLA Summit on Informality and Inclusive Growth: Johannesburg, 4&5 Oct 2016

5 Aug 2016 - 10:45

As part of the ELLA programme, the Learning Alliance on Informality and Inclusive Growth organised a summit in South Africa, offering an opportunity to learn first-hand from experiences in Latin America. The summit was held in Johannesburg on the 4th and 5th of October 2016.

The key objective of the summit was to offer participants the opportunity to learn first-hand about the African and Latin American experience in terms of policies around informality and the impact of informality on inclusive growth. By discussing results obtained from research on South Africa and Colombia, we expected participants to generate useful lessons that can be translated into action in their own contexts.

Participants heard from a number of South African and Colombian researchers and experts. South African presenters included Prof. Haroon Bhorat, Morné Oosthuizen and Kezia Lilenstein. The Colombian and Latin American experience and insights were presented by Leonardo Villar, Cristina Fernandez and Guillermo Perry. Attendees also included African participants from the Online Learning Alliance who are also working in this area.

Summit objectives

This summit focused on discussing optimal policy design for managing informal markets, using experiences from South Africa and Latin America, and how these experiences might be applied to other labour markets.

Summit Documents

Presentations/slide decks:

Photographs from the summit are now online.

From left: Andrew Charman, Sally Peberdy, Cristina Fernandez, the ELLA research teams: Kezia Lilenstein (DPRU), Cristina Fernandez (Fedesarrollo), Morne Oosthuizen (DPRU), Aalia Cassim (former DPRU), Leonardo Villar (Fedesarrollo).